11 Bit Announces ‘Anomaly Korea’ And Other New Titles

Anomaly Korea

Still remember Anomaly: Warzone Earth? If you answer ‘no’ to this question, know this: you’re literally committing a sin. Be it a gamer, mobile, console, or PC, there’s little excuse for not enjoying and adoring this innovative tower offense. We find ourselves playing the same game over and over in the past year, and we can no longer hold back our excitement from announcement of Anomaly Korea.

Yes, you read that one right, Anomaly‘s sequel, Anomaly Korea, is coming. Taking place two months after the original battle in Baghdad (and Tokyo, in the console version), the aliens are returning with vengeance, wreaking havoc in the Korea peninsula. We don’t know yet if the original Commander and his Unit 14 are returning, but we already picked out new units and powers out of the screenshots. Gameplay-wise, there seems to be little change, but we doubt that we really need much, judging from how much we loved the original game.

Other than Anomaly Korea, 11 Bit also revealed Sleepwalker’s Journey, a platformer and a puzzle game, and Funky Smugglers, a funk music-themed game about sneaking banned and weird items past the TSA at the airports. Both games take a far more casual approach and seem to be well-catered to smartphone control, though they are coming to PC and Mac as well. It’s an irony to Anomaly Korea, though: its predecessor was originally made for PC and got more content, but a listing for the platform is missing. But this is IGM Mobile, and that seems to be of little concern for us, in any case.

It’s five days to Gamescom and 11 bit are heating the event fast. All the three games are expected to debut very soon over there, as we look forward to more coverage in the coming days. Stay tuned on IGM Mobile for updates, and meanwhile, enjoy some funk music from Funky Smugglers. If you want to hear more about this and other 11 Bit projects, you can find more information on their official website.

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