Monthly Archives: January 2013

Upjers Announces ‘Upjers Aqua’ And ‘Upjers Pirates’

While you may not recognise the name, Upjers has recently celebrated reaching more than 50 million players worldwide. One of the foremost developers of browser games in Europe, Upjers has recently begun to delve into the realm of mobile[...]

Zest3D: A New Cross-Platform Game Engine

While mobile games are something we feature often on this website (isn’t that surprising?), it’s not often that we showcase the technology that actually goes into creating those games. Zest3D is a new, cross-platform 3D engine[...]

‘Polara’ Review – Awesome Content Is King

It’s never too late to try something cool, especially when it combines two rather interesting ideas. For one, Polara is a side scrolling free-runner that actually has a decent story to it. Secondly, unlike Temple Run among many[...]

‘Duplicity’ Evolves The Puzzle Genre On Ouya

Here’s something kinda cool for you Tetris fans out there. Salvatore Gionfriddo has come up with a neat little twist on the typical block falling puzzle game with his latest project Duplicity. Born during the recent Ouya[...]

New ‘TurtleStrike’ Screens Incoming

Time for an updated look at a promising soon to be released mobile game TurtleStrike, from Czech Republic studio eeGon. TurtleStrike is a turn based action title that’s all about choosing your attacks wisely (no Hares included[...]

‘Game Of Inches’ Punting For A Kick Start

While sports games are a rather common sight in the video game world, it’s not very often that you see one make its way to mobile. Despite the drastic improvements that have been taking place[...]

Preview – The Wacky ‘Hackycat’

I must admit, when I first heard about the upcoming release Hackycat, I was a little sceptical. How could you possibly have fun by juggling a bunch of cats in the air? Trust me when[...]