Monthly Archives: February 2013

‘GeoDrop HD’ Currently Free For iOS

Since their inception, block-matching games have gone through many different iterations and variations. Unfortunately, however, many of these are a simple clones of one another, each featuring gameplay so similar that it’s difficult to differentiate.[...]

‘Year Walk’ Review – An Early GOTY Contender

You didn’t read the title wrong. Year Walk, the latest from Simogo (aka Simon Flesser & Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck) really is an early game of the year candidate. It’s surreal, spooky and remarkably captivating, standing out[...]

‘Wave Trip’ Review – Tripping Out

I really want to love Wave Trip. In a way I do. It’s beautifully crafted around the concept of interactive music, it’s visually compelling and there’s plenty to do for the price. Yet something kept[...]

Light Up Your Day With ‘Penumbear’

While it’s not particularly uncommon to take the role of an animal in a video game, it is rather unusual for that animal to be a bear. Yet, in Penumbear, the new light-oriented puzzle-platformer by Taco Graveyard, that’s[...]

Kittens And Fire Ahoy In ‘Jones On Fire’

When it comes to the runner genre, you’re normally tasked with avoiding obstacles to last as long as possible. Not so with Jones on Fire, which instead has you saving kittens. Lots of kittens. Jones[...]

New Releases Of The Week Feb 18 – 22

So many apps are released every week across the board, it can be hard to keep up with all of them. So starting today, we’re going to round up some of the best releases of[...]