Monthly Archives: March 2013

‘Runaway: A Twist Of Fate’ Gets A Launch Trailer

  To celebrate the release of the conclusion of the Runaway series, Runaway: A Twist of Fate, Pendulo Studios has released a launch trailer for their murder-mystery adventure game. The game sports 2D animation sequences,[...]

Manipulate A Storyboard To Tell A Story In ‘Framed’

  Earlier this month, Loveshack Entertainment released a concept video for their upcoming game, Framed. The video demonstrated the core mechanic of the game: players will have to manipulate a number of storyboard-like illustrations and[...]

Save A Space Janitor in ‘Worm Run’!

Originally written by Meg Stivison. Readers of The Indie Game Magazine might know New York City indie studio, Golden Ruby Games, from their previous release Destroy All Colors! (Destroy All Colors!, an augmented reality puzzle game[...]

‘Dojo Danger’ Creates Some Ninja-Themed Fun

Alright, I’ll admit it—I love ninjas. Really, I do. Everything about them just radiates awesomeness. Whether they be hard-core assassins like in Mark of the Ninja or goofy little tricksters that can plant a star[...]

‘Ridiculous Fishing’ – Out Now!

What a catch! Developed by Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), Ridiculous Fishing is available now for iOS devices. Ridiculous Fishing is based off of the 2010 original, and has players playing as Billy, a fisherman who[...]

Beat Back The Bunnies In ‘Slashear’

A few months ago we mentioned a rather interesting game by the name of Slashear, a new bright, cartoony action game with a few rather unique twists. If you’ve been looking forward to it, then we have[...]

Find The Way To Freedom In ‘Unmechanical’

A few times before we’ve mentioned an upcoming adventure-puzzle game from developers Talawa Games by the name of Unmechanical. Featuring an adorable flying robot trapped deep down in the bowels of a mechanical hell, it’s your job to solve the[...]

‘Wide Sky’ Updated To Support iPad

The hedgehog we all know and love is known as the blue blur. The hedgehog of Wide Sky, however, much prefers flying around in the air than running across the ground and certainly deserves some loving[...]