Monthly Archives: April 2013

‘Vanished: The Island’ for iOS

Sky Horse Interactive has released Vanished: The Island, an adventure game for iOS, today. Vanished: The Island is the indie studios first release. In the game, players begin by being summoned to an exotic tropical island after[...]

5 Mobile Game Concepts Devs Should Reassess

I’ve played a lot of games of late, an absolute ton, and I’m starting to see some interesting trends. Some are obvious, blatantly cashing in on a phase, a fad. Others, however, are a little[...]

New Release Round-Up April 22nd-27th

Miss anything this week or looking for something new to play? Then here’s a quick round-up of some of the biggest and best releases on all mobile platforms: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 by Adult Swim Games[...]

‘RoboWarp’ Out Now For iOS

While time-travel is a mechanic that is frequently used in many video games, there are still numerous remaining avenues for game developers to explore. RoboWarp, created by indie developer Mandel Duck, is a game that[...]

‘Stunt Star’ Celebrates New Content With Freedom

Before you ask, no, this is in no way related to Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, though given the Hollywood reference and stuntman antics in Stunt Star: The Hollywood Years, it actually wouldn’t be too far off. In truth,[...]

Konami Wants In On Indies

Konami, long time developer and publisher of  Metal Gear and the like, announced today their plans to increase their support of independent developers, starting with a freshly minted partnership with LA studio Kung Fu Factory. The[...]