Monthly Archives: May 2013

Indie Intros: ‘Tilt And Swipe’

Tilt and Swipe, the first release from Canberra-based indie studio Charlie Dog Games is a puzzle game about exactly what it sounds like: tilting and swiping. Or is it?   In Tilt and Swipe you simply twist and turn[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Blocks Rock!’

Whenever educational games are brought up, people tend to think of boring, uninspired games where you practice your typing skills by repeatedly typing the same sentences over and over,  or performing basic feats mathematics. Things[...]

‘Men’s Room Mayhem’ Review – Bladder Control

Here’s the skinny on Ripstone and Sawfly Studios’ latest, the humorously titled Men’s Room Mayhem. You’re the owner/operator of your own public toilet. Your task is to guide a number of ‘customers’ to their required destination without them[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Little Luca’

While it is not uncommon to find a game where the objective is to get a ball to a certain point while avoiding obstacles, it is considerably rare to find one where you actually play[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Mansion Run’

Whenever you stumble across an old, dilapidated mansion in a creepy forest, or inherit one from your rich, eccentric Uncle who like you better than anyone else in the family, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain[...]

‘End My World’ Out Now For iOS

Although the end of the world has been the focus of many games lately, most reckonings in recent memory have been due to an onslaught of the unliving, or aliens, rather than some kind of[...]