Monthly Archives: October 2013

‘Little Luca FREE’ – Play Economically!

Earlier this year in May, you may remember IGM Mobile notified you about the then up and coming game Little Luca with our Indie Intro. We followed that up with a Little Luca Review, where[...]

‘Rollabear’ Out Now – Bowling for Bears

From watching the trailer I got the impression that this was another colourful endless runner but, in fact, Rollabear is an imaginative take on ten-pin bowling. Slingshot and guide a bear into the far distance[...]

‘PinWar’: A New Take On Pinball Comes to Android

  Pinball video games have been around almost as long as pinball machines themselves have existed – okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.  Pinball itself has become so common, in fact,[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Air Ace’

From the very dawn of time, humans have always dreamed of achieving flight. Although that feat has become commonplace since the invention of aircraft, many young children still dream of growing up to become pilots.[...]