Monthly Archives: January 2014

Rocket Robo – 2.5D Cave-Flyer Out Now

Rocket Robo is the first game from 17-year games-art veteran, Aaron McElligott, since going indie. Having previously worked for Heavenly Sword and DmC developer Ninja Theory, McElligott has now released his cave-flying puzzler for iOS. Rocket Robo features intuitive[...]

Tunes Up! – Test Your Musical Knowledge On The Go

Turn on, tune in and get ready to score a big trivia hit in Tunes Up! Tunes Up! was developed and published by the prolific French software company BulkyPix, the team behind titles like Line Knight Fortix and Pretentious[...]

Colour Sudoku offers a rainbow of puzzle fun

Sudoku has long been the go-to puzzle of choice for many enthusiasts – both electronically and with pencil and paper.  Now, game developer Netherscene has given the game a bright face lift, breathing fresh life[...]

The Last Peacock Flutters onto Google Play

Wild Melon Games is flying onto Google Play with their epically-titled The Last Peacock. Percy, who is indeed the last of his kind, returns to his land to find it overtaken by dragons. Though there[...]