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Indie – Independent. Without Investor Money. Creative.
Game – Video Game, Mobile App, and the like
Magazine – Digital Media, collection of written articles

The Indie Game Magazine (IGM) is an independently owned Indie Game web publication.

IGM strives to provide the hottest Indie Game news, reviews and commentary for the most creative video games on the planet. For us, the best games around are those created by indie  game developers.

History of The IndieGame Magazine

The Indie Game Magazine was originally a print and digital magazine which was started in October 2008 by Mike Gnade. It was the great initial surge of support from indie game developers and readers that led to The Indie Game Magazine evolving into a bi-monthly digital and print magazine. After about 18 months of steady growth and a successful ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ Promotion, the founders of IGM felt that it was time for an upgrade.

In May 2010, The Indie Game Magazine 2.0 launched with a brand new look for the website and magazine.

Near the end of 2011, IGM surged into the stratosphere as the combination of improved marketing, quality content, and customer service solidified the publication as THE premiere source of IndieGame news and culture.

2012 was a year of growing pains for IGM as we split its content as the quantity of indie developers on mobile devices justified opening up a sub-domain strictly for these games. Thus the birth of our IGM Mobile Sub-Domain.

In November of 2013, Mike Gnade decided to sell his ownership of IGM to his partner, Chris Newton who had been with the publication since September of 2011. At that time, the publication of the print and digital magazine was discontinued due to cost involved in production and distribution. In December of 2013, IGM launched the first wave of a modernization campaign, updating theme and refocusing the company toward social and community programs. Most notably was the emphasis put on the IGM Forums and building a public arcade for the community. 

What are Indie Games?

Indie Games are video games which are made by passionate game developers who typically publish their game on their own via the internet. Indie Games are typical not funded nor published under major labels and therefore the developers are not limited in their scope of creativity. Indie Games will typically stretch the boundaries of what has been done already and sometimes even what is commonly accepted as normal practice. The one thing that they all have in common is the level of passion poured into the game by their developer, as these games are made out of a desire to make a game rather than making money.

About Our Reviews

We rate all of our games based on four qualities:

  • Graphics — How does the game look? Is the lighting fine? How do the textures look? Do they work for the story and Gameplay?
  • Gameplay — Do the game mechanics make sense? Are they balanced? Are the controls ‘wonky’ or ‘fluid’? Is it fun to play?
  • Sound — How is the audio appeal of the game? Does it mesh with the rest of the product?
  • Lasting Appeal — How long can I expect to enjoy this game? Will I enjoy a second or third playthrough? Will it be as enjoyable six months from now? two years?

Our reviews are based upon a 0 – 10 score. We provide a score for each of the qualities above and then provide an average score of the four. In addition to our score, our writers will provide ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ for the game, which will help the reader understand why we arrived at the score supplied. The IGM Grading Scale is as follows:

9.6-10 – Masterpiece

A masterpiece may not be flawless, but it is so exceptional that it is hard to imagine a game being better. At the time of its release, this game will be on the verge of innovation and obliterate people’s perception of Indie Games as inferior to big budget games. It is far better than anything we could have expected.

8.6-9.5 – Amazing

One of the best Indie Games out there. When people make a list of the most influential Indie Games, this one will not need a second thought. It might have a few flaws, but this is a must-buy.

7.6-8.5 – Great

If you are a fan of Indie Games, then you have got to play this one. It might not be among the very best available, but it’s certainly worth your time. If this is the type of game that appeals to you, then this one should be an automatic purchase.

6.6-7.5 – Good

Sure, there are some issues, but the overall, experience is still good enough to recommend. Maybe it lacks ambition or it’s repetitive or has too many technical glitches, but we had fun playing it nonetheless and think you will too.

4.6-6.5 – Okay

No one should settle for, “just OK.” With so many Indie Games competing for our attention, developers really have to deliver something fresh and memorable when we commit to our time. While this game is passable, it’s probably worth checking out a demo or a trial before you purchase.

0-4.5 – Bad

Something went wrong during development and this egg went a little rotten. There’s nothing worse than a game that ends up as “bad” on our scale, because it usually means there was some potential that the developer couldn’t live up to.

About You

At The Indie Game Magazine, it is essential for us to work with the community and indies out there to create great content. Our#1 goal is to have direct interaction with our readers and indie game developers out there. The indie scene is not bustling with millions of dollars and neither is our magazine. We rely on our readers and developers to support our site by suggesting great content, games to review, supporting our advertisers/sponsors and spreading the word.

Our mission is to make The Indie Game Magazine the best place for indie game content. We want aspiring game journalists, game developers, and indie games to get noticed and publicized as much as possible.

Submitting Your Game for Review

If you’re an indie game developer and want us to write about your game, simply visit the send a press release with media kit to editors@indiegamemag.com. Be sure to include your studio name, game name, any pictures, videos, etc.


Freelancers: We’re looking for witty, funny, and insightful content that is relevant to The Indie Game Magazine. Our staff focuses on previewing, reviewing and reporting news on indie games, but you can feel free to submit any gaming related articles. We like stuff that’s odd and different — that’s why we focus on indie and downloadable games rather than AAA titles.

Offensive or promotional stuff gets deleted. Pictures are always a plus. Original, exclusive content is always great.

If you’re looking to do some freelance work and are interested in learning more about the indie game industry and how to help support it, then we encourage you to contact us at editors@indiegamemag.com

Legal Jargon

If you enjoy a reading lots of text, we do have Terms of Use and Privacy policies!

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