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The App Store is filled with over 500,000 apps, and many apps aren’t the ones we’re looking for. Getting your apps noticed in that huge pile is hard, and we know. We feature a variety of banner areas and skyscrapers. They’re non-invasive to the reader, but still leaves a “subliminal” message in their head. The next time they’ll be browsing the App Store, they just might purchase your app. We keep the prices low, to suit the more penny-pinching developers with easy ad reporting through

Online Advertising

Go to our BuyAds page to:

  • Review ad packages and pricing
  • Check our available inventory
  • Purchase ads
  • Upload creative

Once your ads go live, you can manage your campaign and view online reporting directly.

If you have any questions, need additional information, or wish to submit a  proposal request, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

IGM Mobile Website Demographics

  • 10k+ Unique Visitors per Month
  • 15k+ Page Views
  • 55% visits are from US, 10% visits from UK, 9% visits from Canada, 5% visits from Austrailia
  • 79% Male *
  • 64% are 18-49 *
  • 56% make 60K+ a year *
* Data collected from IGM


Here’s what’s better with advertising with us:

  • Reach a highly targeted market of gamers.
  • Digital Version of your ad can support video, website links, and more.
  • Advertising simplifies everything, allowing easy access to your ad zone, changing images or redirection link is easy. There are no hidden fees, no fuss, and work is simply minimal. Getting your ad to a 100% app targeted environment, promoting apps has never been easier. Going through your ad stats are quick and easy, with graphs and visuals, allowing clearer and simpler information.

Our ads are budget sensitive, and at a relatively low cost for what we provide. Our goal is not to make money to buy extraneous products, but to benefit the site further by purchasing more apps to be reviewed. Our ads are positions in great locations, most of the visible on every page. Picking what’s right for you is simple, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at  for direct contact to the Editor-in-Chief.


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