Amazon GameCircle: Kindle Fire Update with Achievements and More

Amazon Game Circle

Amazon has begun a new age for their Kindle Fire tablet, introducing a new system called GameCircle that brings with it achievements and leaderboards to a selection of compatible titles for the device.

The service was originally announced in July, inviting developers to the program in order to add the features to their games. So far there’s some big names that have been updated, including the likes of Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Airport Mania 2 and Cut the Rope: Experiements among a number of other titles. GameCircle is not far from Apple’s own GameCentre, with achievements presented as badges, showing your progress in each game, and the leaderboards which … well, it’s rather self explanatory.

The service does, however, provide a nifty sync feature, that will automatically save a player’s progress and transfer it to a cloud storage system, just in case something happens to your Kindle Fire (say, you drop it in frustration when trying to finish that last puzzle in Cut the Rope). As cloud storage systems go, this is a handy back-up function, though for the time being it will only work with a Kindle Fire and no other devices. That may change, of course, if Amazon broadens its product line, so who knows.

There’s a number of other titles available for the service as of right now, so be sure to click here and check out what’s available. It should be noted, too, that not all games are at an expense, so don’t be shy to log in with your Kindle and have a go (and if you do, comment below and tell us what you think). For more about the service, check out the launch video below.

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