‘An Alien With A Magnet’ Coming Soon To Android And iOS

Alien with a Magnet Screenshot 1

It seems that lately there have been a lot of mobile titles released with very literal names, and An Alien with a Magnet is no exception. Created by Rejected Games and RZDESIGNAn Alien with a Magnet is an action-arcade coming soon for iOS and Android.


It’s your job to take control of the titular Alien with a magnet and guide him back home in his spaceship using its newly attached magnet. Using your magnet, you can orbit around planets, picking up collectibles and make your way towards your goal. The way there is not free of danger however, as space is fraught with dangerous black holes and asteroids.

Alien with a Magnet Screenshot 2

Featuring easy-to-learn touch-based controls, achievements, leaderboards and delightful graphics. There are even three different game modes to choose from: the high-speed Star Rush, the randomly generated colour-based Colour Mode, and the story-oriented adventure mode, featuring over 20+ fantastic levels, and a storyline you won’t soon forget.

An Alien with a Magnet is planned for release later this year for iOS and Android. For more information, you can head to the official website, or head over to the sites for Rejected Games and RZDESIGN.

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