An Epic Journey For The Road – ‘Pocket Heroes’ Hits The App Store

Pocket Heroes

After an agonizingly long development cycle, especially for an iOS title, the game billed as “the first RPG designed for a mobile platform” is finally here! That’s right, Ayopa Games’ Pocket Heroes is due for release on July 12th — today!

Fans of the genre may now enjoy an RPG crafted especially for iPhone, but only if they have friends with which to do so. Pocket Heroes is a multiplayer only game where players may start co-op games with friends in order to embark on quests and explore dungeons for all of the loot you could shake a stick at. Complete with four classes, twenty different types of monsters, retro graphics and — once more — plenty of loot, you and up to three friends should have no problem enjoying the package Apoya has carefully crafted. The game even incorporates asynchronous multiplayer, so if the real world calls, you can let your friends know that you’ll be able to continue your journey with them just as soon as you’re able.

While many other features and classes are due to release for the title, the major chink in its armor at this point seems to be its reliance on the player having friends. At this time, there is no random matchmaking mechanic in place; players must know the email addresses of those they which to play with in order to play a game, however Apoya seem to have this feature pegged as a priority for future updates.

For now, however, those of you with friends can pick up the complete RPG package that is Pocket Heroes on the App Store for just $0.99.

For more information on the game, check out Apoya Games’ official website.

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