App Store Update: November 30 – ‘Freeze!’, ‘Matchblocks’, ‘Gunner Runner’, + More


With hundreds of new apps making their debut,  being updated, or dropping in price on the App Store everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the latest mobile indie games. We’ve sorted through them so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest in mobile indie games on iOS.

New Releases

Capture the Flag 3D – ($4.99)

Classic Capture the Flag, quick team based game no setup, with weapons and hoverboard. Blue team and Red team 6vs6, first to 3, capture the enemy’s flag and take it back to your own base to score. Over 40 acres play area with home(blue) and enemy(red) bases.

Flashout 3D – ($1.99)

Flashout 3D by Jujubee is the best racing experience for your mobile device! Get into one of your ultra fast ships and join the competition! Use rockets and guns to fight your way to victory in all events and become the best racer in the whole galaxy!

Freeze! – (Free)

It was a wonderful day for our anonymous hero, at least until the moment when he was torn from his loved ones by a viciously sharp grappling hook. Locked in a cramped cell on a planet far, far away, our hero could give in to despair and abandon himself to his fate. But with your help he can overcome gravity, turn worlds, and even – escape!

Gunner Runner – (Free)

Fight your way through the jungle! Run to collect coins and save your friends! Deep within the Amazon Jungle Jet Pilot Jenna and her band of heroes venture into the secret base of the evil Grunts in an effort to rescue their fellow kidnapped soldiers…

MagIQ Square – ($1.99)

The MagIQ Square game requires logic and strategic thinking as well as some mental arithmetics. You can play it just for fun, or you can compete against yourself, your friends – or the rest of the world, if you wish. Are you ready for the challenge?

Matchblocks – ($0.99)

Matchblocks is a fusion of action-puzzle games you know! Falling blocks and matching colors, sounds familiar? So now prepare for something new and for something you will have to touch! Tap a color sequence to match colors in the blocks, remove them quickly before they overflow your board. Destroy obstacles on the board, collect bonuses and make combos. In this game not only your speed, but also smart thinking will let you achieve great scores!

Micy Roll – ($0.99)

Micy dreams every night to fly to the moon; tonight, it’s time to start a great journey! Steer Micy in exciting landscapes, explore a whole new world, overcome obstacles to finally reach the highest mountain and fly into space. In this universe, ink gives you wings. Collect a maximum of ink blots to jump and advance from a level to the next. Will you discover the secrets of the red moon?

Wheel – Ordeal – ($0.99)

This game is made by Aryan Mann. Anyways , Do you have what it takes to become the Ultimate Driver? Use the accelerometer to Dodge cars, cows and more to become the Ultimate Driver. Beat you friends high-scores through Game Center and earn achievements. Your heart will race. Play Wheel – Ordeal to become the Ultimate Driver and beat your friends .

Zen Shapes: The Way of the Brush – ($0.99)

As apprentice of the famous Master Lu you will be introduced to the secret art of calligraphy. Grab all the different paper scraps and build as many and complex shapes as possible before the Queue overflows. Earn useful gadgets such as Bombs, Freezes or Hourglasses to break your own Highscore and those of your friends! Help your Master to rebuild his destroyed art works and let your imagination run free!

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