Army Wars Defense 2 Review

Army Wars Defense comes back with a new sequel, better than the original. AWD2 is a nice Real-Time-Strategy that combines something like Plants Vs. Zombies, but you have to take offense, instead. The game is based off the idea where you send troops to bring down your opponents while they send troops to you. Of course, when the troops are in the same lane as each other, they will begin each other.  You get to choose the side you want to be on (Metal Trooper or Lonely Wolf), although there is not an advantage to either team but cosmetic difference (although, there are 100 levels per side). There are ten maps with different themes and the difficulty level increases after each map.

This game feels like a 3D version of Cartoon Wars. Each troop you send out takes a certain amount of funds. Funds are generated at a regular interval but you also get %120 of the funds of a destroyed enemy unit. The game starts you off with 500 funds that you can use to send out the necessary troops needed to take down your opponent.  To send out combat units, you drag the selected unit out onto the battlefield (which will then come out of your base). AWD2 also has a great shop that allows you to upgrade troops, buy new and better ones, and upgrade skills. Every battle won awards you a certain amount of gold that can be used to upgrade. There are a total of 28 available units and ten skills.

Each unit has different amounts of health, speed, fire rates, cool down, defense, and damage (mech and human). They also have distinctively different fields-of-view where they can attack the opponent. Some units have long horizontal range while others have a large vertical range (or short in both). This matters in combat because if you have a sniper (long horizontal range) and a ranger (long horizontal range) and place a sniper to fight the ranger but isn’t directly aligned to the ranger, it will not hit it when they cross but the ranger will because of the long vertical FOV. Here’s an example:

Anew part of the game is the multiplayer, with Game Center voice chat! The multiplayer is amazing. It’s way more immersive than the campaign (although
you can only play 2 times before recharge). You keep all your current upgrades you’ve achieved in the campaign so the person who played more usually wins. The voice chat is nice so you can talk to your opponent.

This game isn’t that bad and the only thing wrong thing I found was that it had one error – how the troop cannot move when there is a dead body in front of it, making it immobilized for about a second.

Overall, it’s a really fun game. The troops are unique, the upgrades are worth it, the enemies are impossible to beat, there are tons of levels, and there’s multiplayer! The game runs smoothly without lag or glitches. The graphics may not be real like, but the cartoon style fits the game.

Reviewed Device: iPad 2

[review pros="Cool multipler, strategic gameplay" score=100]

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