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Indie Intros: ‘Colossus Escape’

Shadow of the Colossus is one of my all-time favourite games. I bought the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD bundle the moment it came out, and I even bought a 3D TV just so I[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Neurokult’

Many Indie games have a fondness for audio-based gameplay – complete, of course, with a kick-ass soundtrack. Neurokult, a new iOS game from three-man Indie studio Woodland Barbarians is no exception.   After attempting to hack[...]

‘PinWar’: A New Take On Pinball Comes to Android

  Pinball video games have been around almost as long as pinball machines themselves have existed – okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.  Pinball itself has become so common, in fact,[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Air Ace’

From the very dawn of time, humans have always dreamed of achieving flight. Although that feat has become commonplace since the invention of aircraft, many young children still dream of growing up to become pilots.[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Out There’

Space management and exploration games have always been popular, and this popularity has only increased since the success of the Kickstarter-funded FTL: Faster Than Light. Unfortunately, despite their popularity, there is a surprising lack of[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Legions Of Steel’

I’m a big fan of turn-based strategy games, so it should come as no surprise that I sit up and pay attention when a game like Legions of Steel shows up seeking funding on Kickstarter.   As[...]

An Inside Look At ‘Tilt And Swipe’

All games go through various iterations during the development process, changing and adapting until all of the pieces fall smoothly into place. Tilt and Swipe by Australian-based indie company Charlie Dog Games is, of course, no exception to this[...]

A Quick Q&A With Madarina Games

Recently, I had the privilege of talking to Peter from the indie studio Madarina Games, creators of the highly successful game Charlie Hop. We wrote an article on the game shortly before it was released, and[...]

Indie Intros: ‘Joan Mad Run’

Twists are an undeniably important aspect in almost any form of entertainment; whether they’re simply an unexpected turn of events during the course of the story, or a familiar old element that’s looked at from[...]