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‘Sword And Sworcery’ Available On Android (Yay!)

Sword and Sworcery has been out in the App Store since September for $4.99 and now it has joined the ranks of games that have both iOS or Android versions.  On December 20, Superbrothers announced the Android release[...]

‘Godus’ Kickstarter Ends On A High Note

People have been watching Peter Molyneux and 22 Cans‘s Kickstarter Project Godus closely for the last thirty days, and now, the first part of the watching has ended. While originally the £450,000 goal seemed very[...]

‘Jetpack Joyride’ PSN Version – Review

Beatshapers has finally ported the Halfbrick Studios hit Jetpack Joyride to the Playstation Network. But how does it stack up? The story is pretty straightforward, you play as Barry right after he steals a jetpack from Legitimate Research.[...]

‘Escapology’ Out For Android

Trinerdis has just released an Android version of their iOS game by the same name, Escapology.  In game, you move an entire board to move balls into marked locations.  You do this by using parts[...]

‘Shuffle 5′ – Android App Review

Small Danish developers, Jaxel Studios, has recently released their newest app, Shuffle 5 for Android. The game is a very straightforward 5 letter word jumble game with a purple color scheme and nice rounded tiles[...]