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iOS7 From An Indie Gamers Perspective

Out of all the E3 hype, there was another big conference that was catching everyone’s attention, within an arena that they’ve made their name for. Yes, Apple took to the stage one more to introduce[...]

‘Men’s Room Mayhem’ Review – Bladder Control

Here’s the skinny on Ripstone and Sawfly Studios’ latest, the humorously titled Men’s Room Mayhem. You’re the owner/operator of your own public toilet. Your task is to guide a number of ‘customers’ to their required destination without them[...]

‘Tasty Tadpoles’ Review – Tasty Fish

Why am I getting all the fish games all of a sudden? Not that it really matters, it just seems like yesterday I was playing Halfbrick’s latest and now here I am diving into another[...]

The Indie Prize Showcase Hits Asia This Month

A number of mobile titles will be competing in the Indie Prize Showcase this month in Singapore for a number of top prizes. 66 development teams will be showing off their wares across mobile, online[...]

New Release Round-Up April 29 – May 5

Miss anything this week or looking for something new to play? Then here’s a quick round-up of what you may (or may not) have missed: Thomas Was Alone (PSVita) by Mike Bithell and Curve Studios[...]

‘Pixel People’ Updates To Version 1.41

Now might be a better time than any to get on board with Pixel People, the hit iOS game from LambdaMu Games and Chillingo, especially given the massive 1.41 patch that has just been uploaded. A[...]

Ex-Studio Liverpool Devs Go To The Toilet. Really.

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a video game based on toilet etiquette. Don’t take this the wrong way though, because this little puzzle game looks set to impress. Men’s Room Mayhem is its name[...]