‘Badland’ Takes Home The Gold

Badland Noon Screenshot

Back in October, we here at The Indie Game Magazine reported on the release announcement of an amazing-looking iOS game called Badland. Unfortunately for everyone, there wasn’t an awful lot of information available aside from what was shown in the first gameplay footage video.

Well now there’s good news for all you fans eagerly awaiting updates; after winning not only the ‘Best Project‘ category at Game Connection Europe 2012, but also taking the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe prize, developer Frogmind has released a bundle of new information concerning Badland.

Firstly, Badland is divided up into four distinct sections of gameplay: Dawn, Noon, Dusk (pictured in the screenshots above) and Night. As the day progresses throughout the course of the game, the Badland forest will gradually become more and more dangerous, making continued survival all the more challenging. Badland is planned to launch with 40 levels, with each phase of the day taking up 10 levels, and many more levels planned for post-release.

Badland will also initially feature 12 unique power-ups, which can be used to aid in your journey through the forest. Several of these power up were shown in the initial gameplay video, showcasing such abilities as size and weight manipulation, speed boosts, spinning and even cloning, leading to a swarm of up to tens of flying creatures that the played must control.

Unfortunately, there’s some bad news to go along with the good: the current development schedule means the game is targeted to launch in February or March next year, meaning that it’s still a few months away at best!

If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to check out the absolutely gorgeous Badland website. You can also check out their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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