‘Because We May’ Sale Starts, Massive Price Drops, And Protesting Devs


As a customer, I love sales for things I don’t have. Yes, I love finding something cheaper, especially if I was planning to purchase the product. Thus, with the launch of Because We May, games from all platforms drop their prices. “We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games,” is how Because We May wants to explain to everyone. Ron Carmel, the man behind this giant sale, targets digital game distributors: Mainly the App Store, Play Store, and Steam.

Reaching over 140 games, today, you’ll see all kinds of apps hit the Top 25 as they drop from prices like $4.99 to as low as free of charge. Yes, some actually are completely free. This event encourages hesitant customers to reach out their wallets and watch the cash fly by, of course, with the return of a overwhelming amount of games. As discounts continue, I’m sure that the developers should see a great increase of sales in the last week of May.

While not so much effecting the games in the mobile category (possibly due to Apple getting annoyed), there are games doing anti-sales over in the PC/Mac category, raising the prices to an astronomical $99.99. Yes, it’s really that much. Guess what, people are probably actually buying the game. The whole aspect of Because We May is that developers can chose their prices for their games, and they are free to do whatever they want. Saying that their free from social constraints and demands.

So, you’ve got the developers striking down the prices, bringing ridiculous prices, and the developers protesting and bringing up the prices. We all know that dropping the prices increase sales, but why raise them. What is there to protest? Developers are concerned with all the indie bundles customers will just wait until the game gets featured and snag the game for what they want. There are many protests that induced this anti-sale mentality, and they’re increasing.

Grab these apps for a nice low price while you can, you never know if the developer just might go on a anti-sale mentality streak. More information on Because We May is on their official website.

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