Become The Next Big Thing With ‘New Manager’


If you’re into your sports but find it a little taxing having to change into a uniform, dislike the thought of putting all that time into practising or hate running around in the sun for over an hour (like me), maybe you should consider becoming a manager instead. More importantly, maybe you should check out New Manager.

Image 2Created by Manchester developer Rowan Townshend, New Manager is a management simulator that has you coaching your own football team (i.e. soccer, depending on what you prefer) through a number of increasingly difficult divisions to become champion. It won’t be easy though, each of the five divisions has 15 other teams that are out to better you at every turn.

The more you work on building your team by making the right kind of choices, the more likely you’ll be able to get your team to the top, that’s the challenge. You’ll have to maintain your home stadium, train up your team by creating a number of different drills then ensure your teams on field success by changing the formation, passing and pressing the opposition among the usual choices you’ll have.

Of course if all else fails you can sell members of your team to improve your chances of making the grade, though you’ll have to earn some case by endorsing a number of advertising companies and TV sponsorship deals to keep the funds flowing.

New Manager is out now on the App Store. For more visit Rowan’s official website where you can check out some of his other work.

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