Bifrost Studios Goes Mythological With ‘Eir & Fire’ For IOS

valkyrie temple

Bifrost Studios has announced its next game and it’s certainly an intriguing one. Combining the growing trend in iOS gaming, the ‘running’ genre with a story revolving around Norse mythology, Eir & Fire is set to shake things up in a colourful way.

Though few details have been revealed so far, here’s what Bifrost has mentioned. The story revolves around the aftermath of Ragnarok which, if you don’t know your mythology, is the end of the cosmos or ‘Doom of the Gods’ and is preceded by the deadly winter of winters. Your aim in the game, it seems, is to guide the fallen from this destructive end of the world back home to Valhalla, the very big and very fancy hall overseen by Odin himself on Asgard.

Now please don’t confuse this with the Marvel movie Thor, which uses the same characters but within a different, super hero setting. As you can see from the concept art (check out the gallery), Bifrost are out to set their own style despite the familiar material. Environments include very earthy tones, snowy mountain sides and plenty of giant castles (including one that’s seemingly floating on mid-air).

There’s also a piece of art that resembles what could be the lead character, seemingly a female with her face covered and dressed in very futuristic looking clothing (see below). According to the official website, Eir & Fire uses a first person perspective as you run through the environments, so you may not see this character outside of cut-scenes. Yet there’s plenty of other strange and startling characters to keep an eye out for, including what looks like a fire giant of sorts.

There’s also the promise of a control scheme that’s easy to get used to but hard to master. Sounds like a challenge to me!

Eir & Fire has been announced for iOS, as well as Android, though no specific release dates have been mentioned as yet. Rest assured we will have more on this as development continues, but be sure to visit the official website or Facebook page for some more concept art and a look at the Australian studios’ other work.

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