Bike Or Die 2 – Physics Bike Simulator Review

bike or die

The distinctively named Bike Or Die 2 – Physics Bike Simulator has been around for about seven years, and like Warfare Inc., has been ported from the old PalmOS to iOS. It was released for PalmOS in 2004 and was released for iPhone OS in 2008.

I found it on the app store, and while not the same as pushing the physical Palm buttons, it still is a fun, but dated game.

The concept behind Bike or Die is simple. The player simply rides a bike through a course gathering flags, and reaching goals while not dying, which is insanely easy. Physics is also simulated, which is a large part of the game.

Gameplay: You have to pilot your rather “bouncy” bicycle through an obstacle course. The top buttons are, respectively, Menu, Zoom in/out, Pause, Restart. The indicators are: Level, Wheel Speed (it is separate from actual speed), Time, and Flags. The lower buttons are the controls.

The cyclist dies if he comes in contact with anything, so it could prove to be an annoying problem, although you can now restart the level midway, instead of having to restart it entirely.

It features a “Hall of Fame” feature, which can be a neat function for some. (A leaderboard.)

It also has a Ghost bike feature, where you can race against a past self. A nice feature.

Lack of updates (last was in 2009), it works on OS 5 though, to the best of my knowledge. The last update was to ensure compatibility with OS 3.0.

Seems just too expensive for what you’re getting at its current price. ($5.99 USD). Bike or Die is an addicting yet frustrating game.

Reviewed Device: iPod Touch 4G

[review pros="Cool idea" cons="Bad compatibility, no updates, poor control" score=50]

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