‘Block Story’ Is A Free Tetris-Dungeon Crawler

Block Story
Block Story

Block Story is a tetris-dungeon crawler and it’s just been released onto Google Play for free!

Block Story might just be the coolest thing I have seen today. The reason being that it takes the classic gameplay of Tetris and turns it into a dungeon crawler of all things. When you see game ideas like this it does make you wonder how unexplored some areas of gaming are. In this case, it is Tetris that seems very untapped. After seeing a little bit of Block Story in action I’m sure you’ll all be coming up with several innovative ideas for other Tetris spin off games, but they probably won’t match Block Story. Or maybe they will – try me.

So how does Block Story work? Basically, each of the shapes that travel down the screen make up part of the dungeon that your hero will be running around. Your challenge is to match up the pieces so that the hero can travel through the dungeon and you’ll want to give him access to treasures and some enemies so that he can kill them and gain experience. The trick to it is not closing the dungeon off for a start and the other thing you’ll have to watch for is not giving him too many monsters to fight as he will be killed if that happens.

You can grab Block Story for your Android right now for free over on Google Play. If you want more information just watch the video below!

More information on Block Story can be found on the game’s Google Play page.

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