‘Box Cat’ Review – Dangerous Feline Loose On The Road!


Box Cat, produced by Wild Rooster, is the most intense piece of art that has ever been devised in the modern age. Box Cat has a distinct retro feel, yet a stylish quality to it that makes any gamer feel right at home. Featuring three gameplay modes, 10 unlockable cats (two of which can be purchased), and a boatload of car accidents, it is both addicting and lovable. Drivers all know how annoying it is when pesky rodents fly across the street, and they always honk at it to run away. As a box cat, you have no fear against these outrageous drivers, because you’ll send them flying!

In short, Box Cat brings you into a world where you can ricochet the incoming cars like bullets bouncing off a metal surface. Taking control of box cat’s horizontal movements, you can move left and right to deflect the incoming cars. Cars come flying down (and upwards), by bouncing them in the right angle. You can also achieve massive combos for consecutively clobbering collective cars (try saying that three times). While battling the unlimited waves of traffic, birds flying down on the sides will hold power ups, such as coins or time extensions. Time is one of the most essential elements to the game. Due to the strict time limit set upon the whole game, collecting time extension coins or beating a level is the only way to obtain more time. Every level has a set amount of cars to destroy and after the limit, a “mega car” will come raging down the streets. Defeating it takes a charged dash, but as the levels get harder, there’ll be laser shooting cars hunting you down.

If you can snatch three coins from the flying blue birds, you’ll transform into something resembling the “hulk”. Not really, but you’ll grow in size, terrorizing all the incoming cars. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in traffic all day, just to greet a enormous cat that’ll trap me in a spiraling hunk of metal.

There are both tilt and touch-based controls for the picky iOS gamers, and there are three unambiguous modes that’ll offer tons of gameplay. Adventure mode goes as I just explained throughout the review, bringing the player into different terrains every time they beat a level. Survival mode assesses the player’s skill to break every car that comes in the way, hitting every car without missing (with a maximum of three missed cars). Rush hour brings the player into a traffic onslaught with cars going everywhere, checking how much destruction can be done within 90 seconds. Completing game challenges/achievements, the play can unlock new Box Cat skins, including a Squirrel Cat or even a zombie cat. In the end, Box Cat is an exhilarating adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

More information about Box Cat is on their official website. The iOS version can be found on the App Store, universal for iPhone and  iPad.

[review pros="Slick battle-style music, epic character skins and tons of fun to play along friends" cons="Could allow the IAP exclusive characters to be obtained using game challenges" score=90]

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