IGM Mobile Forum Finds: Coastal Defense

What can you look forward to from developer Fraoula for your iOS and Android devices? Well, they’ve just released Coastal Defense, a top down ‘missile command-esque’  with some really cool unlockable content, snappy graphics, and[...]

Armello Brings Tabletop Gaming to Life

League of Geeks, an Australian based group have created a digital tabletop gaming experience called Armello. Currently they are running a Kickstarter campaign to get that final funding push that will bring the game to[...]

Forum Find: SwapQuest

RPGs have progressed nicely down through the years, although the basic formula is pretty standard. Embark on the quest to save yon distressed damsel/kingdom/horse/small kitchen appliance from the source of all evil; collect items along[...]

Forum Finds: Gold Runner

It’s an industry standard, so much so that it’s even joked about on the TV Tropes website: in platform games, you almost always run to the right. But British developer Greenlight Games has decided to subvert[...]

IGM Forum Finds: Save Looma

If you’re looking for a new outer space adventure featuring a cuddly orphan alien, Save Looma might be just what you need. 2d6 Games, a one-man developer based in the United Kingdom, recently launched the tile-based[...]

Preview – The Wacky ‘Hackycat’

I must admit, when I first heard about the upcoming release Hackycat, I was a little sceptical. How could you possibly have fun by juggling a bunch of cats in the air? Trust me when[...]