Warm Up Your Brain Cells WIth ‘Click The Bolt’

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With the release of games such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and World of Goo, it seems that physics-based puzzle games are becoming more and more popular on mobile platforms. It’s not an uncommon sight to see a newly announced mobile game boasting of its realistic physics or mind-bending puzzles, but it is rare to find a puzzle game that’s actually truly challenging.

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Click the Bolt is one such game. With more than 50 levels of deviously difficult puzzles, there’s plenty of content to keep even the most experienced of puzzle game players busting their brain for hours on end.


In Click the Bolt, it’s your job to use your physics and problem-solving skills to guide an alien across the landscape as he searches for what he needs to fix his badly damaged flying saucer. With  only the ability to bolt and unbolt the various wooden planks that are scattered around the unknown planet, you must bump, jostle and push your little alien friend to all the pickups so he can finally fix his spaceship and return home.

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You can download Click the Bolt from the Apple App Store for free, or simply play online on the A10 website. You can also check out the Click the Bolt website for further information on the game itself.

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