Cloud Breaker Features Gravity-Defying Puzzle Gameplay


In Cloud Breaker, clouds are made of colored blocks and don’t really look like clouds at all. They also have their own gravitational pull, so when players pull rows of blocks apart, the remaining blocks will fall towards the center and snap together. If players manage to line a group of colors together, those blocks will delightfully explode, causing further chain reactions of gravity (think Zuma). Players will also have to beat the clock, finishing consecutive levels within seconds, to see how many of the 72 levels they can finish in one fast-paced session. Each completed level will add more time, with bonus time added for completing in a low number of moves.

Developer Axis Sivitz says he intends to facilitate a competitive community. Bonus time will be rewarded to players who complete particular challenges, and can be stacked to help reach the later levels and earn higher scores. The game will have in-app purchases that will allow for players to purchase continues to retry their last stage, but earning time will remain strictly skill based.

Cloud Breaker will release for free next month for  iOS, with an expected Android release in March.


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