‘Cluster: Lite’ Coming To Android


Balza Games, a new Italian indie team and creators of games such as Cluster and Catch the Airplanes is releasing Cluster LITE for Android in the next few days. Cluster originally came out exclusive to iOS a month ago for $0.99. For our Android fans you will be rewarded with your patience by an exclusive free version of Cluster on Google Play.

Cluster is a simple puzzle game that requires a good deal of tactics. You control a vector that you must grow in dimensions to complete the level. The player has to calibrate dimensions of the vector while avoiding enemy cubes that will affect the gameplay. Cluster features 4 modes of play: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Psychedelic.

Balza Games also has a few other projects in the works expected to debut this month. One is called Spiteful Charlene which will be avalable on iOS and Android. It will be an “all-seeing comic”. The other is called Astro Balls, and will be a sci-fi survival game on the iPad.

To keep up with Balza Games follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to keep your eye on the Google Play store to pick up Cluster LITE when it lands.

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