Creature Comforts: Large ‘Gua-Le-Ni’ Update Coming


Quirky mobile dice puzzler Gua-Le-Ni will soon be enhanced by a vast new update, developers Double Jungle have announced.

Heading up the list of fresh features is the all-new Poetry Mode, a subtle derivation of the game’s standard offering. Conversely to the regular Gua-Le-Ni focus on rapid-fire block shifting, Poetry Mode places a heavier emphasis on the importance of player memory and creativity in a slower, more relaxing environment. This new gameplay variant will come alongside the implementation of new animal parts, along with a handful of all-new human body parts. Now we’re talking.

Player accessibility is also the name of the game for Double Jungle, with the update bringing in a flurry of new tutorial modes and feedback sentences. Of course, players can still expect to see a fair supply of bug fixes and interface modifications, all of which have been introduced for the purpose of ironing out some of the foibles noted by avid Gua-Le-Ni enthusiasts since its original release.

Gua-Le-Ni, an action-puzzler in which players attempt to combine blocks depicting unique ‘sections’ of an animal’s physical makeup, is available exclusively on iPad for $0.99/£0.69. To purchase the game, head over to the App Store, whilst further information on the game can be found on its official site.

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