Curious Indeed – Molyneux Goes Indie With ‘Curiosity’


Some of you may have heard about this guy by the name of Peter Molyneux. For those who aren’t as familiar, he’s the mind behind franchises such as Populous, Black and White, and Fable, a decent pedigree to say the very least. “But this is supposed to be an indie site!” I know, I know! Despite Molyneux’s big budget past, the crowned ‘Prince of Hyperbole’ parted ways with Microsoft back in March to embark on a series of “independent ventures”. More recently, he formed a small, focused team dubbed 22 Cans, and now they’re back on the scene with their first title, Curiosity.

Curiosity is the first of a series of games 22 Cans plans on making, all with single-word-names, and all based on individual raw concepts straight from the mind of Molyneaux. Cut loose from the world of red tape and publisher demands, Molyneux says that this new title will be debuting on the iPhone “and all of that” sometime in the next six weeks. In the meantime, the concept behind this particular game is described best by Moly himself.

“You’re presented with this white room. In the middle of the white room is a black cube,” he says. “If you touch on that black cube, you’ll zoom into it. This black cube is made up of millions of tiny little cubes. You can tap away at that cube.”

If that’s not enough, he continues.

“As you’re doing that, these words will come up: ‘Curiosity, what is inside the black cube?’ That’s when you realize it’s not just you tapping away at that black cube, it’s the whole world. The whole world is tapping away is revealing layers of this cube. One person in the world will find out what’s inside. What is inside is so unbelievably amazing and incredible, we’ll have to see if people crack it.”

See we shall. For more information on 22 Cans and Molyneux’s madness, check out their official website.

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