Psychological Thriller ‘Cypress Inheritance’ Out Now


There’s plenty of stories out there about relatives leaving behind money or houses when they pass on to a better life, but I don’t remember anyone ever leaving behind a number of different mansions that are protected by artificially aware machines and filled with a number of challenges before.


Cypress Inheritance tells the story of Alfred Cypress, his eccentric life and the mansions left behind to you. This first chapter sees you visiting a mansion in the South to recover a number of priceless paintings, though its defences aren’t at all happy to see you when you arrive. They’ll do everything they can to stop you, rushing in to attack or setting a number of traps. You’ll also have to confront the sneaky AI Vonya, voiced by actress Saffron Burrows.


We last saw the game some time ago and it’s come along in leaps and bounds since. This is of course but a stepping stone towards a much bigger saga too, which will feature further titles released on both the App Store and Google Play Store that sees your hero visit the other mansions left behind (if, of course, you survive the others). There’s also the possibility of a movie based on the same story, set for a production date of 2014, though little is known of this side of the project for the time being.

You can download Cypress Inheritance now for $3.99 for your Apple or Google devices. Also be sure to visit the official website for a behind the scenes look at the recording sessions and more.

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