‘Divine Space’ Lands On Kickstarter

Divine Space
Divine Space

Divine Space is a science fiction space game in the adventure/quest style ARPG genre. The game is third person with click-and-go controls and will first be available on iOS, with Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and possibly Ouya versions announced at a later date. Currently you can secure your copy of Divine Space by backing them on Kickstarter.Dodo Games isn’t getting into the plot too much as they don’t want to spoil the mysteries within the game, but the overall theme of Divine Space will be how humanity might evolve after the establishment of the US colonial base near the exoplanet Gliese 581.

You will explore nearby planets and stars, then later move on to the borders of the settled part of the universe, and then, beyond that. What’s really interesting is that it will all be based off of our real world. Unknown stars and planets will play a part in the unexpected plot twists which will influence the political situation within the game. There are three major factions and five minor ones that you will interact with. Along the way you’ll encounter pirates, smugglers, traders, miners, rangers, and diplomats.

You can also choose between becoming these very characters and robbing ships like the merciless pirate, or be honorable like the ranger where he defends traders and harvesters from bandits. Each quest will put you on the road to buy and sell goods to attain resources, and affect the political world.

Furthermore, one of the coolest things I noticed was how you can construct your own ship. The customization looks really deep and there are images on the Kickstarter page of a ship put together. You can even equip ships with different weapons, devices, and engines.

That’s pretty much all we know about Divine Space so far! The developers however have a lot more to say on their goals of the game on their Kickstarter page. Be sure to check it out as it looks great!

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