‘Dot.’ Review – The Techno Geometry Edition Of Asteroids


Are you a fan of simple, arcade style games? How about electronic music? If you’ve said yes to either of those questions I strongly recommend that you check out Dot.. Dot. is the first game from indie developer Rebusmind and was released for Android devices on the GooglePlay Store September 5th. To play the game, you control a blue dot that shoots laser beams at red dots in waves. The background music is made up of simple beats (that aren’t too loud to distract the player from the game itself), which blend well with the laser noises made whenever your dot fires:


As you can see from the above trailer, the game’s music blends in well with its’ simplistic style. Players have the option of playing with a touch/tap interface, or to control their dot by playing in dual joystick mode. Regardless of the player’s preference, the game swiftly becomes difficult as your dot grows by picking up loot drops from vanquished dots or shrinks when injured. The larger the dot is, the more difficult it is to manipulate; however, smaller dots cannot survive being injured very much as they are closer to being completely destroyed by the other dots.

Just to make the gameplay even crazier, once a red dot has been shot, it fragments, and the fragments have to be avoided as well. Luckily, some of the drops from defeated dots also give your dot additional laser beams, which increase your capacity to destroy, at least until you’ve been hit again, which causes you to lose any additional beams you have gained. Once you’ve progressed further into the game, some of the red dots begin to produce angled lines across the screen that will also harm your dot if it passes through them before they are destroyed.

Dot. is simple, yet addictive, but don’t come to the game expecting any plot. It is very much a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of game. However, it promises exactly what it delivers: Fast-paced shooting action in the palm of your hands, floods of enemies and bullets everywhere, and growing and shrinking abilities that can be used to your advantage. Another great feature of the game is an online leaderboard that allows you to see how you stack up against others playing the game. If your gaming streak has a competitive side this is totally a bonus, especially due to the fact that there are relatively few players so far.

Rebusmind’s Dot. is available on Google Play for $0.99, as well as the Amazon AppStore. If you’re looking for more information on Rebusmind, you can check out their website, as well as their Twitter account. Though they’ve only released the one game so far, Rebusmind has other games currently in development and we here at IGM think that they are defiantly worth keeping an eye on.
[review pros="Great Music, addictive game-play, runs smoothly" cons="You have to start from the beginning each time" score=85]

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