‘Dragon Fantasy II’ Preview – Roaring Onto iOS With Some Old NES Charm


Later this year will see the release of Dragon Fantasy II, developed and published by Muteki Corporation. This is a game that is true to its NES roots with authentic 8-bit artwork and soundtrack. The game centres around Ogden, a character based on creator Adam Rippon’s father. Ogden was last seen in Talisman, and is a character who, after his first adventure, had grown bald and fat. But now he can prove his worth as his kingdom needs him once again.

The game is fun and has a sense of humour. A new feature of the game is the multiplayer options, which can be either cooperative or competitive, where each player can run around independent of one another. Enemies prowl in real-time and combat is a mix of real-time and turn-based systems, where you can choose either “fight”, “magic”, “items” or “run”. Watch out though, as your enemies can gang up on you and you may be forced to flee your battle!

There are a whole load of crazy characters, including pirates and zombies that will keep the game fun. This retro-style game will appeal to gamers who grew up with the GameBoy and of course those who loved the previous games.

For more information on this and other project, check out Muketi Corporation’s official website.

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