‘Dragon Island Blue’ Under Review By Apple

Dragon Island Blue Banner
Dragon Island Blue Banner

One of the biggest issues with the myriad monster collectors on the iOS is their lack of depth.  Too few creatures to master, too little exploration and poor combat mechanics go a long way toward making what could be an epic adventure on par with Pokémon nothing more than a cheap bore.  What’s troubling is that although there have been handfuls of these games on the iOS, none have managed to get the formula right yet.  That all may change with the release of ZigZaGame’s upcoming Dragon Island Blue.

Dragon Island Blue is an open world RPG featuring randomly generated dungeons which will really raise the bar for exploration.  The real meat of the game, though, lies in its roster of monsters.  Throughout the game, players will be able to collect, battle, level and evolve a whopping 200 creatures, far more than even the AAA titles have to offer.  Dragon Island Blue also sets itself apart by allowing players to improve not only their creatures, but their main character as well, promising that no two players will ever get the same experience.


The rest of the title seems to be the average fantasy fare, with quests, guilds, dragons and villages galore.  All of these, however, are done extremely well in terms of presentation, user interface and appearance, leading to a truly immersive fantasy RPG.

No word has been given on a release date, but Dragon Island Blue is currently under review by Apple, so it can’t be too far off.  When it does hit the App Store, the game will go on sale for $0.99 for a limited time before being raised to $2.99.

You can learn more about ZigZaGame, including their other projects, on their official website.

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