‘Dungeon Lore’ Looting iOS This Week

Dungeon Lore

Dungeon Lore3D Attack Games are set to release the turn based dungeon crawler Dungeon Lore this week.

The rather impressive looking game combines a whole host of features into one complete package. You’ll be exploring plenty of different locations within a number of quests, looting objects at will within dungeons whilst fighting off a selection of dangerous monsters using either melee, ranged or magic based attacks.

This is a class free game, you don’t have to choose from different characters with unique abilities since your hero can use every attack type at your leisure. So whether you prefer to use magic attacks or get a couple of axes in each hand, you can make that choice yourself. If you do go down the magic route, you can upgrade your character using rings and the like, with the chance of having 4 elementals following you around to give you an extra attack boost.


Unlike most games of its ilk, you can also move the camera freely in any direction, which can come in handy to find hidden objects or avoiding certain traps that may be hiding in corners. It might also help to avoid those surprise attacks from creatures who are waiting impatiently for you to make one wrong move.

Dungeon Lore is out this week for iPad on the App Store for $1.99. We’ll have more on the game in the coming days, including our own thoughts in a review just after we finish this next dungeon. Or maybe the next one.

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