Epic Eric – Accessible Puzzler Coming to Mobile

Epic Eric is the debut game from 232 Studios, a company awarded for making apps which support impaired and disabled smartphone users. Last June the game earned a spot as a Develop Indie Showcase finalist alongside Gunpoint. This new physics puzzler will have players traverse levels as a brave knight to save an entowered princess. Rotating cogs, flinging flippers, and other mechanisms will help players maneuver their way to save the damsel.

On their blog, 232 Studios remarked that “the original plan was to go for something that had a paper texture with a feel of depth (using drop shadows). However, during gameplay testing we quickly realised that this hindered the playability of the game.”


To support disabled gamers, Epic Eric will feature single-touch gameplay; flat, colour-blind friendly graphics; and visual instructions. The studio hopes to create deep mechanics through the physics puzzles themselves rather than puzzling controls. Epic Eric will have over 40 levels at launch, with future updates and features to come.

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