‘Eufloria Adventures’ Coming To PlayStation Mobile



Eufloria, originally known as Dyson, has been one of those indie hits that just ran with its success. Landing on PC, PSN, and iOS, the real-time strategy game that was originally made for a competition has occupied the time of developers Alex May and Rudolf Kremersr. Continuing off of the success of Eufloria, the developers have now announced a spin-off titled Eufloria Adventures.

“It is a universe I have grown to love and would like to explore further both in gameplay and narrative terms,” Kremers stated. ”There are also aspects of gameplay that we originally intended to explore in Eufloria, but either we ran out of time or they did not sit well with other mechanics. It’s also a nice way to tell a bit more of the narrative behind Eufloria.”

Collaborating with developers Tuna, Eufloria Adventures is set in the same universe as Eufloria, but has different gameplay mechanics. This time around you will control a single seedling ship sent out to study and collect ancient artififacts which you will use to enhance your ships abilities.

As you progress through the game you will dive deeper into the world where survival becomes harder and upgrades for your ship become key in defeating enemy colonies all while discovering your role in the story.

As you can see it looks like Eufloria Adventures will be quite the adventure with a heaver emphasis on exploration and customization. For fans of Eufloria, don’t worry, the strategy gameplay is still present.

For more information on Eufloria Adventures for PlayStation Mobile/Vita, stay tuned as they’re expected to release more info in the coming months.

Source: Gamasutra

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