Fight Evil With The Power Of ‘Unstoppable Fist’


As humans, we tend to enjoy blowing things up and punching things in video games. When, in those same games, we punch things and they happen to explode, enjoyment is multiplied by a steady factor, agreed? Well, Ragtag Studios, the team behind Puppy Panic, is in the process of finishing a game for release in June that capitalizes on those primal urges to hit things until they explode, aptly named Unstoppable Fist.

Based upon information gleaned from the trailer below, the game appears to be about a leisure suit clad, mullet brandishing 80’s muscle man who comes to earth from space to irritate and destroy chickens. The player is slotted into the role of said muscular macho man and taken to task by every creature within spitting range. No worries, a band of chickens are no match for you, as I’m sure you’ll make very clear while swiping back and forth on your iDevice’s screen to defeat foes on either side with – you guessed it – the power of punching everything until it explodes!

As stated earlier, the game is set to explode onto iOS in June, however no exact release date has been provided. For more information on when you’ll be able to punch irritable chickens in the face, check out Ragtag Studios’ main website.

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