Fight The System In ‘Vigilante: Speak For The Dead’


Not too long ago, I had the privilege of talking to the team at Divisive Media about their upcoming social role player, Vigilante: Speak for the Dead. I was rather impressed back then (you can read a little about it in my preview via my EBGames Expo Wrap), but now the time has come for Vigilante to unleash itself upon the world.

Vigilante: Speak for the Dead (or VS4D for short) pulls you into the world of the upcoming Australian movie John Doe, in which an anti-hero becomes the very public face of a major court case. The game follows on from the events of the movie (spoiler free) as gangs follow in his vigilante footsteps order to take back control of the community.


The idea behind VS4D is actually rather simple. You’ll create a character from a selection of facial options before finding yourself in a world where gangs take down various characters our fight amongst themselves in the name of justice. Your choices determine how much of a success you become, whether it’s what gang you join or who you hit. It’s from here, though, that things get very interesting.

By hit, I don’t just mean taking someone out of the picture so to speak. You actually have a choice how various events unfold, with simpler events such as marking someone as a threat or threatening a target ensuring a smaller presence in the eyes of the law. Choose the right target and you’ll be rewarded with cash to spend on other upgrades, but one wrong choice could have the real S4D targeting you themselves.

You’ll be able to purchase in-game items as you level up, from weapons to vehicles, with each one providing an advantage within each mission. For example, each vehicle has a item capacity limit along with bonuses, so a wise choice will provide that extra little boost in order to survive both attacking and defending objectives. There’s more to it than that, a lot more in fact, but you really need to play it to understand it.

Divisive Media plan to release VS4D worldwide on Facebook, iOS and Android devices, but for the time being it’s available exclusively here in Australia to iOS owners with a release elsewhere hopefully before Christmas. We’ll have more on the game and the brains behind this inventive social project over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out and visit the official website.

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