Find The Way To Freedom In ‘Unmechanical’

Unmechanical Splash
Unmechanical Splash

A few times before we’ve mentioned an upcoming adventure-puzzle game from developers Talawa Games by the name of Unmechanical. Featuring an adorable flying robot trapped deep down in the bowels of a mechanical hell, it’s your job to solve the puzzles and challenges ahead of you and make your way safely back to the outside world.


Well, after several delays to ensure they bring you the highest quality experience possible, Talawa Games has finally announced that Unmechanical will be coming to iOS devices on the 18th of March. Your quest for freedom will send you questing deep through a strange underworld that pulses with mechanical and organic machinery. Utilizing a powerful tractor beam, you can pick up objects and interact with the world itself.


While Unmechanical is easy to pick up and play, later puzzles will doubtless prove more challenging, requiring all your skill and cunning to solve. You’ll learn more about your quest as you progress further through the story, and not only may there be more to this mechanical underworld than meets the eye, but it may prove that you’re not entirely alone after all.



Unmechanical will be released on March 18th for iOS in the Apple App Store. For up to the date information, you can visit the Unmechanical website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

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