Fling The Hero Of ‘Flubby World’ This Month



Coming to the App Store this February is a new game that considers the idea of Angry Birds as the entree to a much bigger idea.

Flubby World is the latest from JumpStar Studios that takes the concept of flinging your heroic character across the screen and throws in some old school Mario Bros. style platforming along the way.


To complete each level, you’ll drag your finger in the direction you want your little flabby character to go and off he’ll bounce towards the end portal. How high or fast he jumps will depend on the angle and length of your touching strokes across the screen, directing him to the goal in between collecting stars. Three challenge stars are available to win for each stage you play and are awarded depending on the speed you complete the level, the amount of jumps you take to complete it and how many stars you collect. Be under the par for all three stars and you’ll ace it!


Unlike Angry Birds, you have a greater level of control over your character in Flubby World. Beyond flinging him in any direction, you can also redirect across the screen as he floats down from a great height in order to collect as many stars as possible.

Jumpstar are hoping to release Flubby World some time in mid February, depending on approval from Apple. While you wait, check out the official website for more screens and info.

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