Fly To The App Store Now For ‘Crow’ Has Been Released


Sunside Games’ highly anticipated and outright gorgeous looking game, Crow, has finally been released on the App Store today so flap those wings and get your butt over there!

We’ve given a fair amount of attention to Crow and why not? Just by the screenshots and the trailers alone it’s a remarkable piece of work. Sunside also told us exclusively that the Radiance engine which they made themselves to achieve such astounding results would be released for free and as open source – booyah!

While we’re linking to ourselves like the masturbatory hussies we are, here’s a link to the interview we conducted with Sunside. Oh is that a hands-on preview too? Why I think it is you know! You scamp.

Well, if you haven’t got the time for more reading than just this post, Crow is a game in which you fly the eponymous bird around in the name of exploration, you’ll also encounter moments of combat and plenty of dodging in the more action-oriented scenarios.

You can purchase Crow from the App Store for $4.99!

More information on Crow can be found on the game’s official website.

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