‘Football Heroes’ Delayed To 2013

Football Heroes
Football Heroes

First things first, don’t take the headline as doom and gloom. Despite pushing back the release of Football Heroes, developers Run Games have a very important reason behind it.

According to studio lead Michael Marzola, the scope of the game has become so big that the need for extra development time became a necessity, not a hindrance, in order to polish off every feature of the title.

“We’d rather release a great product than rush it to market, and you all will help make that happen,” Marzola said in an update to Kickstarter backers, who goes on to say the first play tests will be out shortly.

Football Heroes takes the key concepts of gridiron and throws in a hefty dosage of RPG upgrading and beat ‘em up action on the play field. Combined, it makes for some hectic action not unlike the old school NBA Jam franchise or Tecmo Bowl.

Despite the delay, we’re still excited to see the Football RPG mash come together as we were the first time we saw it in action. Hopefully the team use the extra time to shine it up as much as possible. We’ll have more on Football Heroes soon.

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