Solve All Of Life’s Puzzles With The ‘Forever Lost Camera App’

Forever Lost Camera Screenshot

Back in October, the first episode of a rather unique game called Forever Lost launched for iOS with the second episode currently in the works. Given the blistering pace of development so far, it should come as no surprise that Forever Lost ‘s developer Glitch Games has just released the Forever Lost Camera App for free on the iOS and Google Play stores.

For those of you who haven’t played the game, Forever Lost features a camera mechanic that allows you to take photographs of various rooms and objects, then draw on the pictures to help solve clues, or just to mess around. Well, now you can do the same thing with your mobile phone’s built in camera.

As in Forever Lost ,  the camera can be used to photograph clues, and leave ‘hints’ on how to to solve them. They can even be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, so you can get your friend’s help in solving your mysteries!

You can find more information on the Forever Lost Camera App on the Glitch Games website, or you can download it  for free from the iOS App Store  or the Google Play Store.

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