‘Forma.8′ Developers Promise An Experience As Beautiful As Its Preview Screenshots

Title Screen

For a while now, people have been shouting about how real innovation and design nuance done these days in the world of gaming is provided through the indie scene. Well, Forma.8’s developers are so indie, they don’t even have an official name yet! What they do have are previews of their upcoming action-adventure game to be released across all iOS platforms.

Development on the title is currently based in Tourin, Italy where the studio describes as pre-alpha stages, however, screenshots of the game so far look promising. The team says that they take inspiration for those brilliant visuals from Chilrith’s old Another World, another action adventure title from five years ago for PC. Regardless of their source of inspiration, quality seems to be a primary concern of the developers at this time, who emphasize that their current goals for the project are optimizing its frame rate across all iOS platforms, as well as completing a thirty minute demo of the game for an undisclosed release date.

The Forma.8 team say that their demo is in its final polishing stages at this time, and framerates across iOS devices currently average 60fps on iPad 1+ and iPhone 4+/iPod touch, and at 30fps on the iPhone 3GS. They’re goal is to raise framerates to a constant 60 fps across all platforms, ensuring all users an equal experience while playing the game. Finally, developers note that a “unique” control system will be implemented in the upcoming title, however few details beyond that have been provided at this time.

For more information on progress being made on the game, stay tuned to their teaser website for further details.

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