Former Epic Games Veterans Launching ‘Lili’ Alongside New Ipod


They call themselves BitMonster Games, a group of six developer vets who’s former home was the well known studio Epic Games. This September 21st, they’re about to launch their first independent effort in Lili, an adventure/RPG, and it’s going to go down as one of the first titles to be fully designed for Apple’s very recently updated iPod Touch range.

The title character, Lili, will find herself in the midst of an adventure on the island of Geos where a number of puzzles and plenty of action sequences await. There’s also a non-combat system, meaning Lili will find her way out of situations in a unique way, unlike the traditional all guns blazing style of old.

BitMonster are touting the use of Unreal Engine 3 to bring the game to life in the best form possible, combined with the new A5 chipsets that Apple are adding to the new generation of the iPod Touch as well as the updated 4 inch retina display screen. You may also notice that the launch date for Lili is the same as the new iPhone 5. So far nothing has been mentioned of any iPhone 5 compatibility beyond being able to be played on the system (in fact, Lili was used briefly during Apple’s conference too), but with the power of Unreal Engine 3 and plenty of experience behind them, it’s a safe bet a future update may occur which brings Lili’s adventure up to speed.

You can find more about Lili and the newly unleashed BitMonster Games team via the official company website and check out the below debut trailer to get a better insight into what to expect in just a few short days.


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