Former ‘Metroid Prime’ Designer Kickstarts A New Goal


Jason Behr is a name you may not be familiar with, but you should be. Having lovingly crafted the level designs of Metroid Prime, (which this writer firmly believes is a true classic) along with design work on Halo 4, Behr is now shifting his focus to his own studio. But if you’re thinking it’s just going to be another 1st person shooter project, you couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Buddy&Me FlySunbreak Games is the name of Behr’s new studio and the team has just pulled out all the stops to complete a successful kickstarter campaign for its first title, the loveable looking platform runner Buddy & Me. Yes, there’s absolutely no spaceships, aliens and explosions, and for good reason according to the team.

“We’re dedicated to crafting entertainment with a more ‘positive’ tone,” Sunbreak explains on their kickstarter page, “so for Buddy & Me we focused on three core themes: companionship, an obsession with treehouses, and the natural excitement of exploring the great outdoors.”

There’s certainly plenty of that in the early screenshots provided, with high quality painted backgrounds mixing with cel shaded characters that hark back to the work of Studio Ghibli at times. The appeal of the game is in its characters, a young boy who travels to a strange new world with the aid of his new travelling companion called Buddy, a giant orange dragon like creature who can be used both as an extra platform to jump large gaps or to fly across the world, among a few of its special tricks.


So the good news is, the team has beaten its goal of $40,000 thanks to the backing of over 1,000 unique donations. Unfortunatley one special stretch goal wasn’t met during the campaign, meaning the title will only be developed for iOS and Android and not the hoped port to Nintendo’s Wii U, but we can’t have everything now can we?

Donations are closed, but you can still check out the kickstarter page for some insight into the games’ creation and its wonderful artwork, and of course keep an eye out here at IGM for more on Buddy & Me when it comes to hand.

IGM wishes the team well with its future development time and we can’t wait to see the game in action, and neither should you!

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