Frontier Developments Returns To Roller Coasters In ‘Coaster Crazy’

Coaster Crazy

Frontier Developments, the indie studio who most recently made a name for themselves with their highly touted Wii and iOS series LostWinds and their continued work on Microsoft’s Kinect device, are set to return to a genre that they are all too familiar with in Coaster Crazy, coming towards the end of the year on iOS.

Not too long ago now, Frontier had a hand in a number of ports and updates to the RollerCoaster Tycoon and Thrillville franchises. That experience, coupled with their iOS success, will combine in Coaster Crazy which has you creating a range of different roller coaster experiences, with a number of unique twists and challenges. Using the touch screen, you can easily drag and drop new pieces of track, increase or decrease the length or size of a particular part of the track or add massive loops.

You’ll be building your coaster in real world locations (such as one of my own favourite places in the world, Sydney, which you’ll see in the trailer below), with certain challenges set by in-game characters to reach in order to rank up on the leader board. In a neat touch, you can also download and share your creation with the world and ride them in a 1st person perspective if you choose.

Here’s the cool part. Coaster Crazy will be free to play! Now, for the moment at least, there hasn’t been anything announced in regards to in-game purchases, but given the pedigree anything free is certainly worth a look.

You’ll get a chance to go riding with Coaster Crazy on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad before the year is out. For more on the game be sure to browse to the official Facebook page, where any updates will be posted first. Alternatively, check out Frontier’s official website and twitter feeds.

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